About Us

WGC Holdings is a global investment holding company with interests, subsidiaries, portfolio companies and investments ranging from asset management, wealth management, private equity, venture capital and trade finance investments.


We are investors as well as operators and partner with the most successful entrepreneurs in our industries. 


We invest in entrepreneurs whose ideas and value systems are consistent with those of our founders. We partner with innovative leaders with unique ideas, strong management teams, and demonstrated ability to help us achieve our strategic goal of a maximum long term return to our shareholders. Providing equity investments from within our own family of investors, ITC has a solid, proven track record.

WGC prides itself on its culture of integrity, innovation, vision, and value creation and works with only the best third party service providers to maintain its position as a market leader.



We believe that culture drives success, innovations and destiny. That’s why, WGC Holdings take great care in selecting the very best people to serve the firm.

Our Investment Outlook

WGC’s approach is simple: We have the capability to invest a blend of proprietary capital, or equity raised or debt from WGC branded investment products, which enables us to invest with a long-term vision.

We are able to focus only on identifying the best ideas, assigning sufficient time & resources to conduct thorough due attentiveness, and responding lightly to opportunities.

Focus where & when required, combined with diversification where & when required and a deep and extensive knowledge of the companies and sectors/markets in which we invest our risk and necessitate a highly innovative portfolio.